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At BLOKKE, we serve a variety of nutritious family-friendly meals and fun desserts that appeal to LEGO fans of all ages!


From pretty, flavoured concoctions to serious, straight-up brews, our coffees are designed to appeal to every coffee-lover – from bean to barista to YOU!

Our BLOKKE house blend combines the earthy spicy notes of Sumatran Mandheling beans and the sweet chocolatey flavour of Colombian Supremo beans, making a great cup of coffee that suits a wide variety of palates.


Chef Shah’s menu is inspired by the families who have grown with BLOKKE, and guided by the desire to deliver nutritious, fun meals that are not only pleasing to the eye but also to a variety of tastes, even the most fussy!

Indulge in our All-Day Breakfasts, Mains for sharing (or just for one!), Finger Foods for a quick bite, Kids’ Specials (designed by kids for kids!), and customisable meals that hit the spot, exactly the way you want them.


At BLOKKE, desserts are the most important part of your meal! After all, life is made for living… so live a little through our daily selection of delectable fine desserts, made with love by our very own pastry chef, Desiree!

Up the ante by building your very own milkshake or sundae, or choose from any one of our tried and tested favourites, from good ol’ Cherry Crumble to our infamous BLOKKE.fogatto!

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